The Iconic Sign for Abdul Qaher Al-Jarjani

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Mazin Dawood Salim Al-Rubei
Huda Hadi Obaid Khasbak


This study attempts to apply one of the important modern critical highlights that accompanied the postmodern period which is the proposition presented by the famous linguist, Charles Sanders Pearce (1839-1914), in his division of the sign (Icon), which is one of the most prominent contemporary linguistic epistemological visions. The study attempts to disclose the features of the iconic scholarly project in the critiques of the traditionalists, and the extent of their possession of organized and productive critical knowledge that enables them to approach the ancient critical texts according to what was produced by the modern scholarly lesson. The study also deals with a leading critic in the ancient Arab criticism in the fifth century AH, namely Abdul-Qaher al-Jarjani. The study has found many texts based on moving images that attract the reader's mind and stimulate him to contemplate, contemplate, and research in order to find out the deep meanings and connotations of the text, and these texts can be identified with the idea of ​​the iconic sign and the features of the work in it among contemporaries. The study has also found more than one text and a witness in the texts of Al-Jarjani, in which he tries to detail the speech in places about metaphor, develop a theory of systems, divide meanings and others that contain images worth contemplation and contemplation to reveal their underlying meanings to reach the desired meaning.


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Al-Rubei م. د. س. . . and Khasbak ه. ه. ع. ., “The Iconic Sign for Abdul Qaher Al-Jarjani”, JUBH, vol. 28, no. 9, pp. 265–281, Nov. 2020.