Representations of Women in the Iraqi Novel

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Ghufran Iqbal Yusuf


         Among the benefits reported by the Iraqi narrative discourse is the feminist discourse that emerged because of the aggravation of the male discourse and the resulting marginalization and exclusion of women, and that it did not represent a topic of interest or vision that is obligatory to listen. Therefore, the woman tried to prove her active presence in society and literature alike through spreading her literary and artistic ideas to prove her objectivity and her ability to address the problems of society or give a different culture through the process of literary creativity.

       In spite of the influence of the eastern center, which is prevailed by tribal norms, women managed to achieve their creative subjectivity influencing both Iraqi thought and literature, as in the three novels in the field of research. The Iraqi woman, through her representations in the narratives, tries to eliminate all criteria of differentiation between her and the man, as she possesses the determination and ability that the man possesses in various aspects of life.


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