What Sibawayh Cited as Examples the Arabs had not Used Before Him

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Hussain Ali Muhammad


The research tries to identify the expressions used by Sibawayh that were not originally used by the Arabs. Representation occupies a large room in Sibawayh’s book. It is the most prominent tool on which Sibawayh relies on explaining its grammatical rulings. It is noticeable that he did not limit his representation to what the Arabs spoke, but went beyond it to what it did not speak, and explicitly referred in many places to this type of representation, and by this he introduced linguistic models that had no chance in Arab usage, driven by the main goal of representation. It is the clarification of the more eloquent linguistic style, and separating it from other linguistic patterns, such as whether it is below the first in eloquence, ugly, or impermissible, or melodic, or specific to poetry without others, and so on. Sibawayh mentioned specific representations in many places in his book, describing them as something that the Arabs did not speak, and perhaps he described his representations that the Arabs did not speak in other terms. As if saying: It is something that is not permissible in the Arabic tongue, or it is ugly, or impossible, or not straight, or so on.


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