The Geographical Potentials of Agricultural Tourism in Karbala Governorate

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Israa Talib Jasem
Samir Faleh AL-Mayali


Agricultural tourism is a new phenomenon that requires research, study and reflection because of its impact on achieving development. Agricultural tourism is characterized by its ability to advance the national economy. Therefore, it is necessary to expand the scope of agricultural tourism with what any region in the world possesses of various natural or human characteristics in developing tourism in that region and investing it within this process by preparing tourism programs that depend on choosing distinctive tourist sites that have the ability to attract tourism. Karbala governorate possesses large natural and human resources and qualifications that can be invested in developing agricultural tourism in Karbala governorate, if invested properly, its economic gain will be great. Thus, this study aims to know the importance and objectives of agricultural tourism and to know the availability of natural and human resources for the advancement and development of agricultural tourism in the study area. The research also tackles the geographical distribution of the elements of attraction for agricultural areas in Karbala governorate that can be invested in tourist attractions.



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I. T. . Jasem and S. F. . AL-Mayali, “The Geographical Potentials of Agricultural Tourism in Karbala Governorate”, JUBH, vol. 28, no. 11, pp. 189 - 209, Dec. 2020.