The Employment of Symbols in Alaa Bashir's works

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Esraa Kahtan Jassim


The concept of the symbol is one of the activities of human thought which has been used since ancient times to express thoughts, feelings and habits. The artist reflects his feelings and thoughts on these symbolic products or structures, and reflects the ideas of the social group with which (s)he is associated. Thus, this research aims to reveal the use of the symbol in the achievements of Alaa Bashir, the artist. The study is limited to studying the artistic products of Alaa Bashir between 1988 and 2007. The theoretical part of the study consists of three topics, the first of which is devoted to the concept of the symbol; the second to symbolism in art, and the third to the conceptual and aesthetic dimensions of Alaa Bashir's work. The theoretical part is concluded with the indicators that formed the tool of research test.

As for the research procedures, the research community included 160 drawing and sculpture artworks, only four works are intentionally chosen for the research sample to meet the research objective. The study concludes that Alaa Bashir's avoids representing reality and that his emphasis lies on everything that is symbolic. The research also found that Alaa Bashir’s symbols are inseparable from the collective unconscious, as they are loaded with large expressive potentials.


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