Identity Conflict between Rooting and Renewal in the Arabic Contemporary Art

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Hamdiya Kadhum Roudan Al-Maamouri


The study deals with the issue of identity, since whoever talks about identity can be accused of being old-fashioned. However, it is necessary to talk about the identity, culture and civilization of the nation. The conflict is still there between the desire of change and looking towards the West and sticking to the original Arab civilization and heritage, which has been dissolving into those cultures and the Western cultural invasion that is sweeping Arab countries. The study aims to identify the concept of identity and the conflict between rooting and renewal in contemporary Arab formation. The study analyzes the most important terms related to the topic and provided a historical overview of the concept of contemporary Arab formation. The study adopted the descriptive and analytical approach when analyzing the sample consisting of 6 models (Model 2 Iraq - 2 Egypt Model - and one model Syria - and one model Tunisia). Among the most prominent results and conclusions reached by the study is the multiplicity of artistic expression patterns in the Arab composition by changing the trends and ideas of the creators who express their positions on heritage and originality, and the inspiration of many of them in artistic works while keeping pace with progress and integration with Western cultures.


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H. K. R. . Al-Maamouri, “Identity Conflict between Rooting and Renewal in the Arabic Contemporary Art”, JUBH, vol. 29, no. 3, pp. 74-102, Apr. 2021.