The Geopolitical Challenges Facing the Establishment of a Kurdish Statein the North of Iraq

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Haider Salem Jaber
Hussein Rahim Hassoun


The research aims to study the geopolitical challenges facing the establishment of a Kurdish state in northern Iraq, as the changes that took place in Iraq in particular and the region in general after 2003 led to the launch of the Kurdish aspirations for the establishment of an independent Kurdish state in northern Iraq, taking advantage of the political and economic impediment that Iraq is going through, and Depending on external support, it paved the way for that through some of the political and constitutional gains that it obtained in the neglect and a deep sleep of the Iraqi politicians who confronted the political process after 2003, these opportunistic political gains along with external support for the Kurds gave the excessive national confidence that led them to organize a referendum for the establishment of their state What is desired in northern Iraq, except that they are shocked by political, economic and geographical challenges that undermine their project, which they have long cherished, because the geographical situation does not allow the establishment of a Kurdish state, and if it exists, it will be closed to open borders, which means that its continuity depends on its relationship with its neighbors, who reject this project altogether. Where Turkey and Iran see the establishment of a Kurdish state in northern Iraq as a threat to their political, economic and social security, it will be no It is a major Kurdish state that strikes at the core of Turkish unity and Iranian unity, and economically represents a threat to the interests of the two countries in its closure of borders to their exports, and collectively it will encourage the secession of Kurdish minorities in these countries and consequently the political, economic and social instability, which drives these two countries to use all tools of power That it possesses to prevent the establishment of this state in northern Iraq.


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H. S. . Jaber and H. R. . Hassoun, “The Geopolitical Challenges Facing the Establishment of a Kurdish Statein the North of Iraq”, JUBH, vol. 29, no. 3, pp. 103-124, Apr. 2021.