Quranic Intertextuality in Ibn Sahl al- Ishbili's Love Poetry

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Difaf Adnan Ismael


the Arabs and its rhetoric and took ranges among the Westerners until it was attributed to them, so the writings of (Julia Kristivia) in this regard came and many followed, and Arab critics had a connection in this field to define its forms and mechanisms.

And the intertextuality, according to Ibn Sahl, took the mechanism of condensation and briefness or elongation in some cases, and took the form of rumination or rose to dialogue in other texts.



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D. A. . Ismael, “Quranic Intertextuality in Ibn Sahl al- Ishbili’s Love Poetry”, JUBH, vol. 29, no. 3, pp. 125-140, Apr. 2021.