Educational Implications of Preaching Scenes in the Persian Painting

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Anwar Ali Alwan


This study deals with the educational implications of the preaching scenes in the Persian painting. It includes four chapters. The first is devoted to the research problem, its importance, need, purpose, limits, and defining its most important terms. The research problem is represented by the following question: What are the educational implications of preaching scenes in Persian painting? The need for this study is evident in the fact that the subject has not been studied in the art space, which justifies addressing it and revealing its analytical data, in order to achieve the desired benefit. It also benefits researchers and art connoisseurs and those interested in aesthetic, artistic and critical studies of Islamic painting in general and Persian in particular. The objective limits of the research were represented by studying the educational implications of the preaching scenes in Persian painting, which was limited to the paintings that included only preaching scenes.

The second chapter contains two topics, the first dealt with the style of preaching and its relationship to education, and the second included two axes, the first dealing with the characteristics of Persian painting and the second dealing with the issues of images in the school of Persian painting. The third chapter deals with the research procedures that included the research community of (20) pictures, the research sample of (5) models, the research tool and its validity and stability, research methodology, mathematical and statistical methods, and then analysis of sample samples. The fourth chapter included research results, conclusions, recommendations and proposals, and finally a list of sources, appendices and figures.



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