Mediation Work in Prelude Texts: Prose Collection Books as a Model

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Hamdi Khalifa Abid


We have devoted this article to researching the role of introductions and parallel texts. They make us discover the treatment by which a literary work is transformed from non-text to text and institutionalization. The blog for our research was the Selection Prose Books. Our study of the introductions revealed not only the perception of literature for ancient writers bit also the status of a writer, in the literary institution. Furthermore the Parallel texts make the author as a media assistant who has the function of transmission and communication. And it became clear to us, that through introductions and speeches, the Arab writer writes books according to the laws of  literary authorship.


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H. K. . Abid, “Mediation Work in Prelude Texts: Prose Collection Books as a Model”, JUBH, vol. 29, no. 4, pp. 68-71, Apr. 2021.