Contrastive Dichotomies in Rawda al-Hajj Poem In'etaaq: A Study in the Structuralist Approach

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Hazim Fadhil Mohammed Albariz


The researcher intends to discuss structural course which seeks to inspect the text or what are related to its bases are represented by duals which are considered in the same time of the most prominent procedural mechanisms to approach text , to state range of its exploitation or functioning them with form that access to the required aim . So the study was with title : The opposing dualities in the poem – emancipation – study in the light of structural course . It is from two sections, firstly with title  : subjective duals and artistic, , two research with title : intellectual duals , then the study was ended by conclusion reached to most important of results as following : These duals show us an image different from image that is given by others . Where took us to large facts , most universal scales inside poetry space which is founded by the poet as response to poetry experience . Structural study was founded in the text as recommendation field that duals by which tend to multiple cultures . Where objective , artful and intellectual duals have a presence in appropriation with text and thought . They depend on distinguished connotations for figures , after that list of references , margins , abstract in Arabic and English.


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H. . F. M. . Albariz, “Contrastive Dichotomies in Rawda al-Hajj Poem In’etaaq: A Study in the Structuralist Approach”, JUBH, vol. 29, no. 4, pp. 72-94, Apr. 2021.