Environment Representations in the Contemporary European Art

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Waad Muhammad Hassouni Al-Obaidi


    The current research on the theme of "Environment Representations in Modern European Art" includes four chapters. The first chapter deals with the problem of research, which is summarized in the possibility of answering the following question: What was the environment in the modern European configuration? The chapter also includes a reference to the importance of research and the need for it, and the definition of the most important terms. This chapter also includes the objective of the research: (Identifying the representations of the environment in contemporary European art). This chapter also includes the limits of research by studying the works of art (products of contemporary art) Time (1892-1972).

    The second chapter was devoted to the theoretical framework and the most important indicators, which included two papers, the first of which was the investigation of "environmental representations in the arts of modernity". The third chapter included the research procedures during which the 25 research society was defined, the sample of the research and its method of selection with the sample analysis tool and the definition of the research methodology (the descriptive approach) And then analyze the sample of the research consists of (4) models, while Chapter IV is devoted to review the findings, conclusions and recommendations, and the most important results:

- Some natural environmental vocabulary showed a simulation of a realistic form or a close relative, as in Model 4, and others appeared in a simple and abstract manner as in the samples (1, 2, 3).

   Followed by the recommendations and proposals, the list of sources and references, and then the annexes, the abstract and the title in English.


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