The Crime of Polluting Canals in the Iraqi Penal Code

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Zainab Hamid Abbas AL-Marzoog


       The crime of polluting canals is one of the new crimes that know a terrible and dangerous spread that threatens the world, especially Iraq as it is one of the agricultural countries and enjoys different water media, as the violations practiced on the water environment by environmental criminals reached their climax with the entry of man into the era of industry, exploration and technology, so this legal study came to highlight Shedding light on the legal mechanisms guaranteeing the fight against crimes affecting canals, especially pollution, by studying the general provisions of the crime of polluting canals, by highlighting the privacy that distinguishes the latter from traditional crimes, and then standing on the penal means decided by the Iraqi legislator in the penal code to confront the crime of polluting canals



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Z. H. A. . AL-Marzoog, “The Crime of Polluting Canals in the Iraqi Penal Code”, JUBH, vol. 29, no. 4, pp. 154-166, Apr. 2021.