The Connotation of “Sex” in Ghanem Al-Dabbagh’s Stories

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Aziz Latif Nahi


 The writer Ghanem Al-Dabbagh showed his fondness for the literary side in his early years, which established him from a young age, the narrative tendency, helped him in that, and his passion for external reading. His wonderful story collections were distinguished by their ability to penetrate into the interior of the human psyche and probe its hidden components. Sex in his stories formed an important focus of his stories, as sex is small paintings that the storyteller portrayed through what his memory preserved from early childhood, to express to us some of what is produced by these neighborhoods Popularity with all the values and traditions it represents and what society knows about in terms of its life.

 Ghanem Al-Dabbagh, in his collection of stories, is a narrator who combines gender and homeland, as his connotation of sex is an expression of the political disappointment of the people, and a big difference between the search for women and the search for something. And women and the people, so he used them to uproot all the roots of corruption, tyranny and intellectual terrorism of all kinds.


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