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Ahmed Hussein Allawi Ghazzai Al-Garaawi


The research interest focused on studying the principles and criteria of green urbanization as quantitative and qualitative indicators as a starting point in the framework of achieving the concept of sustainable urban development (for the city of Kufa) and the necessity to create a link between the accelerating urbanization rates with the available environmental potentials and resources without damaging the vital system within the spatial space and in a manner that ensures the sustainability of life, its existence and continuity and reducing The problems associated with the process of excessive and accelerated urbanization within Iraqi cities in general and the city of Kufa - the study area - in particular.

 Among the important strategies through which this development can be achieved is (green urbanization), which this study sought to clarify the mechanisms and means by which to adopt the general principles of green urbanization as indicators with potential to achieve sustainable cities characterized by the process of urbanization and urban growth in it as a positive factor in the continuity of cities As an integrated and dynamic system designed to work in ideal ways for the natural environment, encouraging more sustainable patterns and ensuring high quality indicators of life and health within the residential areas and complexes in cities, within the limits of its natural and human environmental capabilities

Therefore, the research came to address a major problem that preoccupied the interests of the civilized world in most of its cities, as it focused on the issue of urbanization at the present time as a phenomenon taking on the steady increase in the number of people in cities and the disadvantages and problems that accompany it, including slums and pressure on community services, poverty, urban crime and the destruction of the natural environment, However, this matter needs effective strategies to transform the negatives of the urbanization process into a positive, and this matter requires cooperation at all levels between the private and public sectors and the participation and empowerment of citizens as the means and the goal of a sustainable urban development process aimed at improving human life and its quality in all aspects (economic, social, environmental. ).



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