Conceptual Metaphor of Window and Frame in The Poem Collection: “What the Barefoot Heart Sees in the Time of Shoes”

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Ra'ida Mehdi Jaber Al-Amiri
Mahmoud Khalif Khudair Al-Hayani


Perceptual or epistemological metaphor, as it came to Lakoff, arose on a cognitive model that crystallized around the ability and competence of language to expand shifting, metaphor, and metaphor, which could represent persons and templates that contain conceptual frameworks that summarize reality in language, so the real world is a great metaphor and everything circulating in it is considered a language An allegorical one in terms of defining the spatial and temporal entities, and life expressions, and their deliberative terminology. Language is the epistemological mirror reflecting the requirements of perception and understanding. The poet Ayyash lives in (his poetry what the barefoot heart sees in the time of shoes) reduced reality to an allegorical cognitive formation that reveals the window and frame, so the metaphor of the window They are, in fact, various fields of knowledge: the home, the homeland, poverty, the traumatization, the surveillance, the power, the theft, the borders and the geography of the homeland, the frame metaphor is the edge, the migration, the distance, the forelock, the balcony, the absence, the marginalization, the restriction, the containment, the siege, all of which are meanings that are reduced Reality and it reveals what is known as the Algerian reality, psychological or internal combustion, estrangement and alienation, and what the broken and fragmented self-suffers from among aspirations Building and advancing society, combating all kinds of social and political injustice, and the search for freedom and social justice that were reduced to the story of a beggar or beggar whose homeland is represented within borders, or a narrow frame the size of a carton.


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R. M. J. . Al-Amiri and M. K. K. . Al-Hayani, “Conceptual Metaphor of Window and Frame in The Poem Collection: ‘What the Barefoot Heart Sees in the Time of Shoes’”, JUBH, vol. 29, no. 5, pp. 82-90, May 2021.