Farraa’s Explanation of the Problematic Verses in the Holy Quran

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Obaida Ahmed Majid


The problem of the Qur'an is very important, because in his study the response to those who solved the problem, similarity and difference, in the verses of the Holy Quran, the first scholars of the nation of linguists and interpreters of these problems, using their transport tools, mental, and the flags of those scholars, the great scholar Abu Zakaria Yahya bin Ziad fur kufic (T207ah) in his most important book (Meanings of the Qur'an) as it is one of the best, deals with the Problem of the Qur'anic in his book, and came Mousuma (b) (R207H) for the problem of the Qur'an) in which i studied selected issues, related to these problems, citing the opinions of the applicants and the late, and then more likely among their statements as possible, and limited to selected issues in: (Qur'anic similarity, illusion of contradiction and difference, and linguistic problem).


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O. A. . Majid, “Farraa’s Explanation of the Problematic Verses in the Holy Quran”, JUBH, vol. 29, no. 5, pp. 149-171, May 2021.