Legality of Establishing Intracy to Plasmic Sperm Injection Centers

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Ban Saifuddin Mahmoud


Because of the high mortality rate and the chance of children reaching puberty less, and under the conditions of the country and the high mortality rate, the rate of birth has to be raised, but this may be challenged by people who are low-fertility who are a source of threat to society, if not treated. The reason for this is the inability to conceive at all. As a result of the scientific development in the medical, therapeutic and surgical fields, it has become possible to treat cases that were intractable and non-treatable. To the establishment of centers for the diagnosis of a man And the weakness of fertility and reproductive assistance, which is not limited to the establishment of health and psychological aspects only, but beyond the legitimate and legal aspects of the permissibility and prohibition, and therefore must be based on the establishment of these centers on the basis of legal and legal so that we can then submit a request for its establishment.


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B. S. . Mahmoud, “Legality of Establishing Intracy to Plasmic Sperm Injection Centers”, JUBH, vol. 29, no. 5, pp. 275-283, May 2021.