The Employment of Learning Orientation in Promoting the Innovative Behavior for the Employees of the Directorate of Education in Najaf: A Survey

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Akram sami Fayez AL- samry
Mohsen Ali AL-Hatami Walaa
Montadher Jassem Mohamed AL-Orbawi


Purpose: The current research seeks to know the nature of the relationship between learning orientation and innovation behavior, as well as to know the effect of the independent variable (learning orientation) in its four dimensions (commitment to learning, sharing of visionOpen-mindedness, Intraorganizational knowledge sharing), which was measured using a scale (Calantone, Cavusgil & Zhao, 2002)The dependent variable (innovation behavior) with its six dimensions (idea generation, idea search, idea communication, Implementation starting activities, engaging others, overcoming obstacles), which was measured using the scale (Lukeš, & Stephan, 2017).

Design /methodology: The research was applied to a sample of employees working in the in  Education Directorate Najaf, and a simple random sample consisting of (93) employees was chosen. The current research adopted the questionnaire as a main tool for data collection, and the research aims to test the relationship and influence to find out the relationship between the research variables. Several statistical analyzes were adopted to process the data, including Cronbach's Alpha the weighted mean, standard deviation, simple correlation coefficient and regression analysis using the statistical program (SPSS VR.23).

The importance of the research: The importance of the current research emerges from the lack of studies that dealt with the relationship between the variables of the learning orientation and innovation behavior) as well as the current research attempt to study and address a realistic problem that directly affects the working individuals and society in the in  Education Directorate Najaf.

Results: The research reached cognitive and applied conclusions, including the existence of a statistically significant correlation between the independent variable and the dependent variable and the presence of a statistically significant effect between the direction of learning and the behavior of innovation.


1-The organization under study should pay attention to the direction of learning among workers and instill this behavior in their daily work practices.

2-The organization under study is required to encourage innovation behavior among employees in a manner that leads to achieving organizational excellence and success.


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A. sami F. . AL- samry, M. A. A.-H. Walaa, and M. J. M. AL-Orbawi, “The Employment of Learning Orientation in Promoting the Innovative Behavior for the Employees of the Directorate of Education in Najaf: A Survey”, JUBH, vol. 29, no. 7, pp. 55-81, Jul. 2021.