Communication Policies in the Light of Globalization and Modern Technology

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Intesar Rasmi Mousa
Rajaa Sady Lafta


This research aims to reveal the manifestations of globalization and its communication systems and ideologies in light of the information society and modern technology, in addition to providing a vision of Iraq's experience in communication and development policies in light of globalization. A vision was presented of an Iraqi experience of communication and development policies to confront globalization in the field of politics and economy in particular because the economy is the lifeblood of the state and society. This vision was deduced from what preceded us from successful experiences in the world, such as the Malaysian experience. The research reached the most important results:

1- Communication and technology policies and the globalization of the economy have become a political and ideological bet that dominates individuals and societies. The democratic authority recorded a decline in the face of the financial authority and the linking of the political decisions of the state to external dictates and the institutions of globalization.

2- The emergence of the phenomenon of “global control” which is the goal of political globalization, which affects the depth of national policies and this leads to the erosion and extinction of the concept of national sovereignty, and the loss of governments from their ability to make their internal and external national policies.

3- The map of the new world order moves on the geopolitical (geographical) countries, including Iraq.

4- The prevalence of uncertainty and resentment at the geopolitical level, especially in the areas of developing and poor societies due to the policies of globalization.

5- Societies turn into weak systems unable to absorb the dynamics of transformations in the era of globalization and eliminate them with obsolescence and affliction. Societies are left in a state of chaos, turmoil, anxiety and doubt, which characterizes the current era, especially in societies that do not have strategic projects and immunities.

6- The openness to the global monetary market has become an ideology and the countries of the world have applied the policies of globalized openness and compliance with them due to the pressures exerted by these organizations.


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I. R. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mousa and R. S. . Lafta, “Communication Policies in the Light of Globalization and Modern Technology”, JUBH, vol. 29, no. 7, pp. 102-123, Jul. 2021.