Trends towards Using the e-Learning Portal among Students of the Middle Trechincal University in Teaching Mathematics

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Ennam Shakier Khudier
Faten Abdel Hamid


The present study aims to identifyTrends towards using the e-earning portal among students of the Middle Technical University in teaching mathematics to investigate the aims of study, a null – hypothesis is formulated as follows:

There is no statistical difference is significant at the significance level (0.05) between the average scores of the experimental group students who studied using the e-learning portal, and the average score of the control group students who studied in the usual method in the measure of the trend towards the educational use of the Internet. The sample consisted of (42) male and female students in the first class in the Department of Civil Technologies / Institute of Technology / middle Technical University, it was divided into two groups, experimental and control. Where a measure of the trend towards educational use of the Internet was prepared, and it consisted in its final form of (40) items, its Sekoumtrah characteristics were verified, and the reliability coefficient reached (0.95) by adopted (the Alpha-Kronbach method). The experiment was applied to the research sample in the second semester of the academic year (2018-2019), where the experimental group studied the classes prepared for research using the e-learning portal, while the control group studied according to the usual method and the researcher applied the experiment herself, for fifteen weeks. After collecting the data and using the appropriate statistical methods, the results of the research were as follows:

The presence of statistically significant between the mean scores of the experimental group and the control group in a scale that makes trading for the Internet and in favor of the experimental group. In light of these results, the researcher recommends didactically teach mathematics for first-stage students in all institutes and colleges of the Central Technical University. And the emergence of research in the educational content system (Moodle) for the features with which this system was presented and that it is open source and it is suggested to study the number of complementary studies.



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E. S. . . . . . . Khudier and F. Abdel Hamid, “Trends towards Using the e-Learning Portal among Students of the Middle Trechincal University in Teaching Mathematics”, JUBH, vol. 29, no. 7, pp. 124-136, Jul. 2021.