Samples Of Akkadian Sculptures And Their Location's:A Scientific Art Study

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Ruaa Zuhair Zidane alKurwy


Apparently ,researchers had little to show about the Akkcadian arts due to a restricted technology at their time, nowadays it considered something from the past, nevertheless, this situation was the motive to start again doing some things with new technology by the aids of satellite with a science called remote sensing.  Initially the work has definition to the Akkadian and the truth  about their origin, and the sequence of the kings ruled on . We also mentioned the Sculptures and the nature of their tools used at that time, we explained the types of the Sculptures, the three dimensional and the eminent craft types, they are so popular, like the  plane and the cylindrical seals ,showing their beautiful and fine art  .
in this paper, we're mixing for the first time, the traditional archeological findings with new ways of satellite imaging, thy called ,remote sensing, by Google earth programs.   A very significant results appeared, showing the Akkadian findings spreaded allover Iraq ,from the north down to the south and exceeded Iraq borders to Iran . The locations orientations are listed in a table with a simple map showing these locations.


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R. Z. Z. . alKurwy, “Samples Of Akkadian Sculptures And Their Location’s:A Scientific Art Study”, JUBH, vol. 29, no. 7, pp. 137-166, Jul. 2021.