The Duality of Showing and Disguising: A Reading in Contemporary Ceramic Sculpture According to Cultural Criticism

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Hassanein Abdelamir Rashid


Contemporary readings of aesthetic achievement in the field of formation have become transformed due to the transformation of that achievement itself as a result of intellectual and cognitive pressures and systems of difference in the analytical system of thought that produces creativity and beauty. Postmodern thought.

What distinguishes cultural criticism is its essential focus on discourse systems and textual display systems for artistic achievement, and in addition to that, the systemic function comes through the systemic element, and this represents an essential element of the principles of cultural criticism, and represents a basic principle for the theoretical and procedural transformation of literary criticism to criticism in its cultural dimension. This is in order to look at the artistic achievement and the formation as a cultural event, as this systemic element expands to include the systemic dimensions in the plastic discourse and in the act of receiving.

Contemporary ceramic formation in the era of the post-modern knowledge system was linked to qualitative transformations in the various fields of life in Western society, represented by the revolution against all fixed and closed cultural patterns. The area of ​​effective action in life and the refusal of the artist and the educated elite to represent the general public in thinking and formulating the appropriate position on events and issues for the community to have the ability to do so. Hence, this study came in four axes, the first of which included the research problem, which started from the following question:

  • What is the pattern of concealment in contemporary ceramic formation, and what are the mechanisms for revealing it through the public display of the form?


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Rashid ح. ع. ا. ., “The Duality of Showing and Disguising: A Reading in Contemporary Ceramic Sculpture According to Cultural Criticism”, JUBH, vol. 29, no. 8, pp. 37–55, Aug. 2021.