The Effect of Will and Implication in Nominals’ Ellipsis

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Hussein Yasser Al-Asbahi
Asaad kalf Al-Awadi


Language is, in fact, a system of symbols based on the close relationship between pronunciation and meaning, in an interactive framework between the poles of the communicative process (the speaker, the addressee, and the text). To the addressee. On the basis of this fact, originally in Arabic grammar, many compositional representations of the grammatical base were built, with regard to the manifestations of ellipsis, introduction and delay, and so on. Based on this importance, the idea of ​​research arose here to stand on the will and benefit in Arabic grammar, using omission as a sample for study, confining in this to the names from the parts of speech, starting with the mayor thereof, and ending with the virtue. To divide the research according to this basis.


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Al-Asbahi ح. ي. . . . . . . . . and Al-Awadi أ. خ. ., “The Effect of Will and Implication in Nominals’ Ellipsis”, JUBH, vol. 29, no. 8, pp. 56–77, Aug. 2021.