The Social Reform Approach in the Light of Surat An-Nur: A Thematic Study

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Zahraa Talib Abd Humadi


Surah Al-Nur is one of the most important chapters of the Holy Quran in terms of the reform of the individual and the society in a remarkable way. This is in light of its statement of the correct approach in the etiquette of manners and the blindness of both sexes and the non-throwing of women, as well as a unique approach to establishing guarantees and immunity for symptoms. , And to the values, related to the building and repair of the individual and the family and society, where Muslims directed to the foundations of life virtuous, including the guidance of rational and lofty ethics keep the Muslim and society and preserve the sanctity and maintain it from the factors of internal disintegration and moral collapse that destroys the nations, And to abide by these provisions and guarantees, this paper attempts to shed some light on these important divine rulings and directives concerning the individual, family and society. This is in the light of its academic and academic approach. It deals with the introduction of the title, Between the linguistic origin and the conventional meaning, and a comprehensive definition of the light, and the second topic came with the methodologies of reform in the aspects of the individual and the family, while the third section of the methodology of reform in the various aspects of society, He urged a number of the demands contained in its umbrella, and concluded the research with a conclusion that included the most important findings, relying on a collection of sources and specialized references.


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Abd Humadi . . ز. ط. ., “The Social Reform Approach in the Light of Surat An-Nur: A Thematic Study”, JUBH, vol. 29, no. 8, pp. 78–96, Aug. 2021.