Image of the City and its Manifestations in Bushra Al-Bustani's Poetry

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Nassim Mustafa Bani Odeh


Throughout the ages, Arabic poetry has received the attention of critical, rhetorical and linguistic studies - superficial and deep - for its components. This was manifested through probing its depths and layers of text in creative artistic analysis that subjects it to critical and intellectual mechanisms that make it a critical problem that raises many questions about its meaning and structure. This study deals with the image of the city and its manifestations (Iraqi, Arab and historical) in all its dimensions -intellectual, political and social- its effectiveness and dynamism in the texts of the Iraqi poet Bushra al-Bustani. It also aims at monitoring this activity in its poetic space, especially since Iraq has gone through many riches and wars, which have changed the face of the city along with the devastation and destruction that befell on it. Therefore, its image was reflected on the psyche and sentiment of Iraqi poets, such as Bushra al-Bustani through artistic and aesthetic linguistic arguments. Therefore, the study aims at revealing the aesthetics of the city’s formation and its manifestations in poetic discourse. The study has dealt with three aspects: 

The first aspect: the Iraqi city

The second aspect: the Arab city

The third aspect: the historical city.


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Odeh ن. م. ب. . ., “Image of the City and its Manifestations in Bushra Al-Bustani’s Poetry”, JUBH, vol. 29, no. 8, pp. 215–230, Aug. 2021.