Single Names in Arabic Study in its Origins

  • Aseel Abdulhusayn Hameed
Keywords: Mouth, with, the name attached, the hat, in the sense of the owner, the name of the sign, pronouns


The usual in Arabic words-names and verbs –is the triple stracture then the quartery,fiftry stractures .these are the Original.They can reach the sixan form by adding some voices.                                                        

The aunsent and modern linguestics mainsend duas forms and they did their best to make them triple.                                                               

  The modern linguesties said that they was Akkadian or Akamision words missed the derelop ment .some of them aaid that they are duas in origin there is no need to make them triple .                                          

This research study the single voice forme,we tried to mind openiones about them .Some of these words are pure names ,like (fem).Some of them are relative names ,the others are for pointing .like (tho).Some are proverbs kike the (ta)of subject.

a Satsfide  that  these words explained We copelet meanings. as the quartral ,and fiftral forms do ripple.


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