Published: 2020-04-23

Protesting in the Iraqi Theatrical Discourse

Ayad Kadom Al-salame, Ameer Ibrahem Malik Al-Essawy

1 - 17

The Possibility of Producing Red Copper In High Temperature Porcelain

Farook Mohammad Khudair , Haider Rauf Said

70 - 87

The Morphometry of Wadi Karawi Basin (East of Wasit Governorate)

Hanan Abdel Karim Omran, Hussain Karim Hamad Al Saadi

88 - 105

Exploitive Moral Disinformation of University Students

Kareem Fakhri Hellal, Dhafer Naser Hussein

130 - 149

Vision Formation in Bashar bin Burd's Poetry

Enas Kathum Shunbarah

257 - 272

Indications of Sound Addition in the Words of the Holy Quran

Haneen Obayes Jasim, Hassan Ghazi