Management Organizational Behavior for Surat Noah

  • Fawzi Alawi Rustum Al-tai Branch Management Works/ College Al-Mustaqbal Collection
Keywords: Prophet Noah (Peace be upon him), Planning, Organizational behavior, Administration, Strategy


The Koran wall was celebrated with the fundamentals of management science and its branches. Including Noah's Surat. In which the genius of the Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) was manifested in planning, leadership, organizational behavior and decision – making. The planning was strategic and leadership was wise and organizational behavior was inspiring (clear, purposeful and flexible goal of guiding his people and brining them to the religion of God) and was conducting this behavior by personal communication, and the management of time is open, and consistent with the thinking of people and awareness, as that behavior varied : My explanation, and my warning to my interpretation, and from general to illustrative , earned by the satisfaction of God, and satisfaction himself and the believers.

The behavior of his people was of the collective type hostile , passive paid and non – interactive, and is linked to the current psychological, social and political situation.


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