The Leader of the Total Knowledge and his Effect in the Public Administration

  • Fawzi Alawi Rustum Al-tai Branch Management Works/ College Al-Mustaqbal Collection
  • Ali Naki Amiri Member of the Scientific Board of Tehran University
Keywords: Imam Ali (peace be upon him), Sharif Al- Razi, Nahj Al- Balaghah, Leader All know ledge, Public Administration


The leader in the science of management a major role in the success and failure, especially if the general and a public position is dangerous, must take in to, account the special characteristics of the commander if the Department is to perform its duties in an optimal manner. The first of these was that the leader was a good role model in ethics, behavior , justice, and comprehensive know ledge. He was well versed. I found that this leader ship was available in the personality of Ali (peace be upon him) when he took over the reign of the caliphate (36 – 40 AH) until he became a role model and in partic the islamic administration in the light of it is complementary and inspiring and vantage, so that people. Should work with him as a team to establish as Tate of truth justice, good and work , and some of them were wrong in behavior, out of consensus.         


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F. A. R. Al-tai and A. N. Amiri, “The Leader of the Total Knowledge and his Effect in the Public Administration”, JUBH, vol. 26, no. 9, pp. 224 - 236, Jan. 2019.