Features of Grotesque Art in Designing the Iraqi Contemporary Theatrical View

  • Sameer A. Monem Alkasimi Department of Theatrical Arts / College of Fine Arts/Babylon University
  • Wisal Kkhilfa Kadhum AL - bakri Department of Theatrical Arts / College of Fine Arts/Babylon University
Keywords: The Gharwtsk, Designing, Theatrical View


The Gharwtsk term every thing is regularly covers and oddity, since it falls within the categoriesaes theticbeing carriesa philosoph icaldimension contradictstra ditional cultural production, and we can say that Gharwtsk refuses pivoting in the fram ework plasticrigid beingcarries within aesthetic Mknunatmake the playseemsin the case of the dialectic.

Characterized Gharwtsk that phenomenon swept some theatrical performances being shown at the heart of her scenes play in the offer, especially in the work of the actor who will be attending the clear side other technical elements, to highlight all that is strange and paradoxical and unusual in the middle year the recipient, it is possible to embody features Gharwtsk the view in a theater by offering a scenic image new connotations mutant and contradictory in the form of panel scenic unusual in the theater, so must the filmmaker to create harmony with the designer landscapes play in order to achieve a play with a crush of habits familiar to the scene and give it dimension Tdhadia image, he can count designer that It creates unexpected relationship (inconsistent) between the display elements Gharwtsk the at errlanguage, we have a paradoxical and is based on the relationship between actor and spectator view, and candisplay that embodies the theatrical Gharwtsk shows distortion and exoticismin the theatrical scene which expresses the contradictions of the characters and their differences. So The research includes four chapters, the first chapter included the systematic frame work of the research hproblem Find stationed in the following question: Search research problem stationed in the following question:

  1. How can finding consensus and contradictions in the idea of landscape design in theatrical scenic Gharwtsk

Also it included a chapter (importance of research) because it deals with one of the important topics that reveal the technical wizards to Gharwtsk placed in the theatrical landscape The importance of search in his quest to reveal the relationship between Gharwtsk and theorist theatrical according to the concept of designer and after investigation in research in libraries researcher did not find a study of this kind, so is the importance of research in the beneficiation of information that serve the theater.

 As the limits of research has been limited to the band Offers National representation, and for the period from 2010-2014, and concluding chapter defines keyterms and terminologycontained in the body of research.

The second chapter: the theoretical frame work, guarantees the first section study Gharwtsk conceptin terms of origination and development presenting the most important filmmaker swho have exercised the concept of Gharwtsk especially in the the atricall and scape The second section: studycompositionalstructureincludesdesignsceneinthetheatricalscenesGharwtskpresentations., Chapter IIIF in d it within the procedures of the community and appointed by the researcher in a deliberate choice based descriptive method in the analysis of specimens. Chapter IV: it contains the search results and conclusions, the researcher recommended that some of the recommendations and suggested proposals holidaying including scientific research service, and then followed by a list of sources and references.


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