Legal Regulation Continuous Administrative Decision (A Comparative Study)

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Ameen Rahim Hamid Al-Hajami


This study is importance of administrative decisions as one of the most important legal means used by the administration to carry out its functions. The decision is issued by the administrative authority without the need to the approval of stakeholders (the target of the decision) or helping them to take, in changing the existing legal centers, the creation of new centers (public or private ) fueling obligations on individuals or establish their rights.

 The administrative decisions are more widely used l as the administration not can dispense with this medium Without them be completely unable to carry out their mandate and bear the consequences of the responsibilities placed upon it. In fact, the administrative decision is a true translation of the will of the administration and crossing up through management to the objectives.

 Administrative and decision constant is one of the types of administrative decisions which continuously effects described as any that he did not exhaust its content Once applied, but lost its list of producing effects in the future, despite the importance of this type of administrative decisions, but we do not find at the present time sufficient quantity of studies that fit with the importance of this subject, most studies did not address this issue in detail, but only with reference to the subject without the depth and detailed so we in this research will address ongoing administrative decision in some detail and try to take this subject.


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A. R. H. . Al-Hajami, “Legal Regulation Continuous Administrative Decision (A Comparative Study)”, JUBH, vol. 28, no. 4, pp. 1 - 12, Jul. 2020.