Published: 2020-07-15

Adaptation of Literary Works in Susan Howe’s Secret History of the Dividing Line

Sahar Abdul Ameer Al-Husseini, Ina’am Jaleel Hasani

89 - 99

Implementations of Mocha Technique on Local Clay

Farook Mohammad Khudair , Haider Rauf Said

110 - 125

Al- Ardigani's Vision about Grammatical Justification in his Book " The Students' Guide to Knowing Parsing"

Nisreen Fadel Ghafel AL-Awaidi , Riad Hamuwd Hatim AL-Almaliki

140 - 150

The Effect of Learning Cells Strategy on the Achievement of First-year Intermediate Pupils

Bashaer Fadel Alaiwi Abbas, Saad Toama Blael , Qais Hatem Hani Al-Janabi

254 - 268

Sadness in the Iraqi Folklore An Anthropological Study in Hilla City

Salwan Fawze AL-Aobaide, Hawraa Salam Hussain