Aesthetic Treatments to Displacement of Fashions in the Iraqi Theatrical Show

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Mahmoud Gabberi Hafez AL-Rabaiwi


Displacement as an aesthetic concept is subjected to cultural, intellectual and sensual taste of the recipient whose ability to understand and recognize novel and inventive designs which step away from what is familiar or traditional and seek to invent new things with their elements or their various forms which form the whole theatrical scene. Accordingly, the current study raises the question: How does the process of aesthetic displacement take place in the designs of fashions and their effects on the theatrical show? Whereas the aim of the research is identifying displacement in the theatrical fashion designs. The performance of the play of “Silifon” (lit. “Aluminum Foil”) is examined as the research sample. The most important result the study arrives at is that the artistic and technical implementation of displacement in the designs of theatrical fashions by breaking simple design relations and giving them aesthetic and philosophical implications is enough to attract the audience attention and to influence them. It is also found that renewal and continuation in creating new designs stir the theatrical show and motivate the audience.


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M. G. H. . AL-Rabaiwi, “Aesthetic Treatments to Displacement of Fashions in the Iraqi Theatrical Show”, JUBH, vol. 28, no. 4, pp. 57 - 68, Jul. 2020.