Essence the company Repurchases for its shares In Exchange (A comparative study)

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Samah Hussein


The process of Repurchases that take place in most advanced securities except for the Iraqi market for securities because no special legislation has been issued, as referred to in the law of Iraqi banks without regulation, and the importance of this process for the company that repurchase its shares from The shareholders of the company through the stock market and through a broker licensed to retain them as treasury shares and for a fixed period, and therefore during this period will use for several purposes specified in the decision of the General Authority of the company, and despite the importance of this process, Some To the risks that negatively affect the shareholders of the company and others, and which tried to substitute legislation forcing the company that wants to buy back its shares to implement special requirements are the specific terms and procedures.


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S. . Hussein, “Essence the company Repurchases for its shares In Exchange (A comparative study)”, JUBH, vol. 28, no. 4, pp. 151 -181, Jul. 2020.