Al- Ardigani's Vision about Grammatical Justification in his Book " The Students' Guide to Knowing Parsing"

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Nisreen Fadel Ghafel AL-Awaidi
Riad Hamuwd Hatim AL-Almaliki


This research it studying and investing for a manuscript explaining the grammatical factors Sheikh Abdul-Qaher al-Jarjani Who worked in the Arabic way with his integrated theory from formulating the Arabic sentence and showits verbal phenomena،such as syntax،construction،its signs،work،influence، and influence.

The grammatical reasoning is closely related to the measurent of the grammar principles carrying something on its analogy and analogy needs a reason to clarify the positions of participation among the two similarities to justify this pregnancy. I initially translated the explanated of the owner of this explanation of the as no one had translated it before and verified of the battalions and touched on the most important ills that the explanation addred in his book.


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N. F. G. . . . . AL-Awaidi and R. H. H. . AL-Almaliki, “Al- Ardigani’s Vision about Grammatical Justification in his Book " The Students’ Guide to Knowing Parsing"”, JUBH, vol. 28, no. 4, pp. 140 - 150, Jul. 2020.