Functional Language Learning: Functional Grammar as an Exemplar

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Ibrahim Khaleel Abbas


Functional learning of language / functional grammar (model)

Language is a means of communication that works to help the human to achieve intellectual communication, between him and the sons of his skin, and through it reflects the thoughts, feelings, desires, and needs, and new trends emerged in the study of language, and career trend is one of these important trends in Modern linguistic research after descriptive linguistics and obstetric linguistics.

Modern linguistics has been carefully studied in Arabic by researchers and academics. However, (educational linguistics) suffers from a lack of linguistic studies. Many of these studies are individualized and do not amount to being institutionalized to deal with the reality of learning and teaching Arabic, At the level of educational education, especially in career mode.Morocco is the bridge through which the career style has spread to other Arab countries, such as Algeria, Tunisia and Iraq to varying degrees. Moroccan linguist Dr. (Ahmed Al-Mutawakil) is the pioneer in the field of transferring the theory of functional grammar into Arabic according to modern linguistics.Functional language learning aims to: Develop the language abilities of the individual so that they can practice in their functional functions a correct practice.


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