University Professors’ Use of Internet Technologies

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Maitham Mahdi Abdullah
Ammar Salim Abd


The research aims to know the reality of university professors ’use of Internet technologies and the extent to which this service is employed in university teaching and to identify the most important obstacles faced by professors in universities that prevent the use of the Internet. The research also aims to know the effect of using the Internet as a source of information on increasing the student’s desire to learn, and identifying the degree of control of the university professor in sailing techniques, the purpose of using the Internet in the academic environment, and reaching the great and tremendous importance of the network and its resources in the service of education and scientific research and the promotion of the knowledge of the university professor To keep abreast of developments in their field of specialization in a world that comes every new day, and to identify the main reasons for using the Internet in education, including: a practical means of obtaining information, and it helps cooperative education and communication, and provides more than one method of teaching.


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M. M. . . . . . . . . . . Abdullah and A. S. . Abd, “University Professors’ Use of Internet Technologies”, JUBH, vol. 29, no. 3, pp. 259-270, Apr. 2021.