Dynamic Weights Equations for Converting Grayscale Image to RGB Image

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Shymaa Akram Hantoush Alrubaie Ahmed Hasan Hameed


The method of converting color images from the RGB color system to grayscale images is a simple operation by using the fixed weights method of conversion, but using the same weights to restore the color of the same images is not an effective operation of all types of images because the grayscale image contains little information and it isn't worthy of conversion operation.

The basic idea in this paper is to employ the mathematics equations which extracted from the grayscale image in conversion operation, this paper presents the method of coloring the grayscale image by using the weights derived from the characteristics of the grayscale image. Skewness, Mean and Standard deviation moments have been extracted from the features of grayscale images and its adoption the determine weights of the RGB color system. This method proved its success in coloring images compared to the traditional method adoption of fixed weights for coloring images because it relies on fixed weights for converting all grayscale images.


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S. Hantoush Alrubaie and A. Hameed, “Dynamic Weights Equations for Converting Grayscale Image to RGB Image”, JUBPAS, vol. 26, no. 8, pp. 122 - 129, Oct. 2018.