Estimation of the Electric Properties of Al/Cv System

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Hadi J. M. AL-Agealy
Mohammed Z. Fadhil


The electric properties of Al/Cv device system has been studied according to investigating and calculation the electron transport rate based on theoretical calculation and transition model. A classical model coupled with quantum model has been used to describe the rate of electrons at contact of Al metal with Crystal violet [Tris (4-(dimethylamino) phenyl methylium chloride] (Cv) dye has chemical formula C25H30CIN3. Two solvent Diethyl ether and Acetonitrile are used with non-homogeneous system for different absorption wave length 600,625,650,675 and 700 nm for Cv dye and the system is studied at room temperature. The effect of transition energy, potential and absorption energy on the transport rate in Al/Cv interface are studied and discussed. Rate of electrons in Al/Cv system is founded to be increasing with increasing the transition energy, increasing wave length and decreasing the potential for system in both solvents media.  Our result shows that, at large transition energy and increasing wave length, the system has good electric properties  and vice versa .Data show that Acetonitrile solvent is more suitable media for better electronic transfer rate  in Al/Cv dye system.


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H. J. M. AL-Agealy and M. Z. Fadhil, “Estimation of the Electric Properties of Al/Cv System”, JUBPAS, vol. 28, no. 1, pp. 184-193, Apr. 2020.