Monthly Changes in the Rate and Severity of Intrusive Perforated in Dactylogyrus on Common Carp Fish Cyprinus Carpio Live Stock in One of the Floating Cages in Alforat River at Al-mussaib, Babylon, Iraq.

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Hussein Takheal Hussein
Shatha Atta Abied
Haki abud Alabas Issa
Maryam Hussein Takheal


Examined in the period, between August 2020 to January 2021 atotal of 97 fishes common carp from one of fish cages from Alforat River in Al-Mussayab city, Babylon, Iraq. These fishes species were examind for Dactylogyrus vastator. Parasites recorded included six species, Dactylogyrus arquatus, D. simlex, D. dogieli, D. minutus, D. extensus, D. vastator. The percentage incidence of infection with the studied Dactylogyrus varied according to different months.

The present study included the determination of monthly changes in the main physical and chemical features of the water of River in this study water temperature of water River ranged from 10.4-13.5 Cᵒ, dissolved oxygen from 7.9-9.2 mg/L. PH ranged  from 7.0-7.6, salinity ranged from 0.29-0.5/ ppt and the transparency ranged from 58-94 cm. the whole changes in the physical and chemical features of the waters of River were within the normal ranges tolerable by the common carp.


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H. T. . Hussein, S. A. . Abied, H. abud A. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Issa, and M. H. . Takheal, “ Iraq”., JUBPAS, vol. 29, no. 2, pp. 258–266, Aug. 2021.