You can request JUBPAS Vol 1 No 3 (1996).

Published: 01-05-1996

The Effects of food Quality of Cyprinus Carpro L Growth During winter in the middle region of Iraq

A A AI-Shammaa, M Mahmoud, H. Abdul-Kadder, M J Kadder, M J Kadhum, M A Mahad

198- 204

Chitinase Activity of Some Bacterial Strains Isoiated from Iraqi Soil.

Alaa H. Al-Charrakh, S. J. Taj-Aldeem, A. KaduiiI- Hindi

213 - 224

Effect Of Extraction Conditions On The Yield Of Hemicellulose And Cellulose From Sunflover Stalks

Mahdi T. Al-Kaisey, Qassim C. Auda, Hameed. A. Abeed, Ahmed A.-K. Hussain, A bdel-Kader H. Al-Alwan

264 - 270

A model Apparatus for Isolation of Volatile Oils from Various Plant Materials

Mahdi T. AI-Kaisey, Haythem Jaddou, Evean J. Taher

271 - 275

Parasitic Infections Among Population Tunis Village I Babylon" Iraq

Ali Bannawi al-Zubaidy, Qasim Najem Aubaid

283 - 290

A Study and Analysis of Crystal Struture for Unknown Element Using Integrated System in Computer

توفيق عبد الخالق عباس, محمد حمزة المعموري

305 - 309

A novel Clarification of Data Syipup

D. Abdulali Aboud, Ali Abdullah al-Tamimi

328 - 336