Visible Region Response of Cobalt Doped TiO2 via Sol Gel Technique

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AbdulKareem AbdulHusssein Kareem Al-Khafajia AbdulNaser Hasan Al-Zurfy


TiO2 nanoparticles were prepared via sol-gel technique and then doped with cobalt ions to form TiO2 doped cobalt sol. Thin films were prepared from this sol using dip coating method and underwent calcination at a temperature of 550 C.The films were characterized by UV–Vis spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction (XRD), and atomic force microscopy (AFM). The UV–Vis. Absorption spectra show a redshift, which indicates that TiO2 doped cobalt will respond to the visible region of the spectrum rather than UV- region for pure TiO2.



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A. Kareem Al-Khafajia and A. Al-Zurfy, “Visible Region Response of Cobalt Doped TiO2 via Sol Gel Technique”, JUBPAS, vol. 26, no. 8, pp. 240 - 244, Oct. 2018.