Studying 124-128Ba Transitional nuclei in the IBM Framework


  • Heiyam Najy Hady University of Kufa, Education College for girls , physics department
  • Mohsin Kadhim Muttalb University of Babylon, Science College ,physics department


Nuclear structure, 124-128Ba isotopes, transitional nuclei, Mixed Symmetry State.


   Many properties of nuclear structure for even-even  isotopes have been investigated with  and  .They examined carefully with benefit from continuously updating of nuclear decay schemes. Low-lying energy levels for even-even positive parity states, mixed symmetry states (MSS), reduced electric quadruple transitions probabilities , branching ratios, reduced magnetic dipole transitions probability ,  ratio, reduced electric monopole transitions probability  and mixing ratio  and potential energy surface  have been studied.

   In the framework of  noted the competition between the two parameters (  and ) in 124-128Ba isotopes were the increases  of a0 associated with decreases of a2 which mean that the γ-unstable features were continuous increases with opposite of rotational properties , in IBM-2 χπ and χν were (-1.3 and  around 0.7) which signified similarity  with IBM-1 expected. 124-128Ba isotopes described to be transitional nuclei , transitional between SU(3) and O(6) features.


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H. N. . Hady and M. K. Muttalb, “Studying 124-128Ba Transitional nuclei in the IBM Framework ”, JUBPAS, vol. 28, no. 2, pp. 190-206, Sep. 2020.